Leaving us a Legacy in your Will

Have you made a will? Are you about to do so? Please consider leaving a legacy to Cardiac Rehab in your will.


We help to extend, and improve the quality of, the lives of hundreds of heart patients each year. You or one of your loved ones may have been one of them. By leaving Cardiac Rehab a gift in your will you will help us to continue to provide the same subsidised service to local heart patients long into the future:

  • helping them to recover physically, emotionally and psychologically in a welcoming and safe environment
  • educating them about their condition and encouraging them, through the principle of self-help, to take control of their future.

You will also help us to develop and extend our services designed to prevent at-risk people from developing heart disease in the first place.

Cardiac Rehab relies on donations and fundraising efforts to cover about half of its running costs. It is a constant struggle to raise these funds, and we do not raise enough to cover our costs every year. Your legacy can make a real difference to whether we maintain the financial resources we need to continue with our valuable work.

Leaving a legacy to Cardiac Rehab is not complicated, but it does need to be included in a professionally made will. Whatever you can give will be very important to us, and will be free of Inheritance Tax (as Cardiac Rehab is a registered charity).

If you are considering leaving us a legacy, please discuss the matter with your solicitor, and please let us know if you make this type of arrangement.

For more information you (or your solicitor) should This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01420 544794.



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