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Cardiac Rehab launched its “Have a Heart” campaign at its Valentines Ball in February 2016 and has continued it through 2017 into early 2018.


The “Have a Heart” campaign has 3 key objectives:


  1. To raise awareness of Heart Disease and how Cardiac Rehab is helping to improve the heart health, fitness & well-being for individuals with and those at risk of heart disease. 1 in 4 in the UK will be affected by heart disease and on average 200 people a day die from heart disease. It remains one of the biggest single killers in the UK

  2. To increase the number of new entrants to Cardiac Rehab’s Staywell program specifically designed for those at risk of heart disease, from 100 per year to 250 per year.

  3. To increase the funds raised for the Charity to achieve these objectives. Cardiac Rehab costs over £300,000 to run, with income coming from the contributions made by those exercising at the Centre but primarily from monies raised through donations, regular and ad hoc, from monies given in memory of a loved one, from events the Charity runs, and from events & sponsored challenges supporters of the Charity undertake, and from gifts from legacies.

Cardiac Rehab needs to raise a minimum of £200,000 to maintain what it does, benefitting those who need its services the most, however, the goal is to increase that amount to  allow the Charity to deliver more public benefit, and meet its charitable objectives.



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