Our exercise programmes

The Staywell Programme - preventing heart disease

Cardiac Rehab now runs a primary healthcare exercise programme - the Staywell Programme - intended to improve the health and wellbeing of those considered at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Click here to read more about our Staywell Programme

Phase IV cardiac rehab exercise - "continuing exercise"

Our Phase IV "continuing exercise" sessions are open to anyone:

(a) who has ever had a cardiac intervention in hospital; or

(b) who has a stable form of cardiovascular disease,

and who is referred to us by a health professional (such as a hospital, GP or another Phase IV instructor). If you are interested in attending our Phase IV sessions please contact us and we will advise you of the best way forward. You are also welcome to bring a partner or friend - a "supporter" - to exercise with you.

Click here to download our timetable


We run over 50 hours per week of exercise sessions, consisting of both group circuit classes and independent exercise sessions (in which clients exercise to their own customised programme). The group classes are each pitched at a particular level of physical ability, ranging from the least intensive "Non-machine" level to the most intensive "Advanced Plus" level.

Click here for our Staywell leaflet on which talks about why and how much you should exercise. In general, we recommend two attendances at our Centre per week as part of your regular exercise routine.



From 1st April 2015 £4.60 per person per session/class
(concessionary rates are available for those on benefits). Classes can be block booked in advance.

In addition, all new exercisers (except those who will attend a "Non-machine" class) must attend a personal gym induction session (price £13.50 per person) to be instructed on how to use the gym equipment.


Phase III cardiac rehab exercise - for those recently out of hospital

Phase III "post-intervention" sessions at the Centre are run by a team from the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHNHSFT), and deal principally with patients recently discharged from heart treatment at the Trust's hospital in Basingstoke.

Patients recently discharged from heart treatment at other hospitals may also, however, choose to undergo Phase III exercise at the Centre (for example it may be closer to their home than the alternatives). Health professionals interested in directing patients to the Centre should call us and ask for Debbie Addison, the NHS Clinical Manager.



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